Utilities :: Electricity

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Title Description
Update of the Social Capital structure
Notification of technical feasibility of the Last Resort Provider to provide the service where the Exempt Generators or the assignable load centers are located
Request for study of Facilities for the Connection of Special Load Centers
Preparation and publication of the catalog of equipment and appliances with information on their energy consumption
Study of Installations for the Interconnection of Power Plants greater than 10 MW
Prequalification of Sale Offers in the Long Term Auction
Electric power services, susceptible to the payment of a fee (contribution) by the applicant or user
Authorization of works built by third parties, which will be delivered to CFE
Payment of the electricity bill
Reconnection of electric power service
Report of faults in the electric power supply
Review of the operation of the CFE light meter
Application of electrical energy for pumping agricultural irrigation
Application for electrical energy for home, small businesses or general use
Request to remove the electric light temporarily
Check your receipt
Information on Electrical Coverage Contracts
If you have decided to acquire the electricity supply directly as a Market Participant, fulfill your obligation to deliver to the CRE the copy of your Market Participant contract.
Information on Demand Estimates
Report of the System of Administration of Indicators of Electrical Installations
Detailed report of affectation to the correct operation and integrity of the electrical installations
Statistical report of operations of autoabesticimiento, cogeneration, small production, export or continuous own uses
Statistical report of independent producing operations
Preliminary report concerning the correct functioning and integrity of electrical installations
Registration to the Register of Qualified Users
Registration for Voluntary Entities to the System of Management of Certificates and Compliance with Clean Energy Obligations (S-CEL)
Descriptive Technical Report of your facilities
Modification of Legacy permits
Notify your withdrawal from the Register of Non-Supplier Marketers
Notify your removal from the Register of Qualified Users
Basic supply permit
Qualified supply or supply of last resort permit
Permission to generate electric power
Submit your monthly report of marketing activities
Transfer of Legacy permits
Application for permission to wholesale bioenergetics
Digital seal certificate
Transfer of electricity supply permit