Business Registrations

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Title Description
Register a business
Business advice services online
Places to practice for my business
My Commercial Notices
Cancellation of the Commercial Register
Inquiry about the status of the establishment
Search for commercial record obligations
Check brand availability
Obligations of the Commercial Register
Annual reports
Annual Financial Reports of My Commercial Register
Business Directory
Search for a brand name
Manpower data for commercial registries
Renewed name is reserved
Registration of companies in the Ministry of Health
Provide proof of capital for the Commercial Register
Proof of capital
Submit a simplified financial report
Provide a brand name
Corporate registration service and addition / modification of data
My blog
Authorization powers for my commercial registration
Request for re-registration of a pharmaceutical company
Request for registration of a herbal medicine company
Request for registration of a pharmaceutical product
Application for registration and classification of companies
Applications of my trademark
Browser economic activities
The functions of my commercial record