Finance and Insurance

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Title Description
Online payment of your personal ISSSTE loan through the Individual Payment Format (FOPI)
Extraordinary personal loan for victims of natural disasters in the ISSSTE
Productive Projects component FAPPA
Registration of Commissions (RECO)
Registration of Adhesion Contracts
Registration of Basic Insurance Rates
Registration System for Financial Services Providers (SIPRES)
Modification of the registry for expansion of operations or branches of an Insurance Fund
Presentation of the modification to the social status of an Insurance Fund due to the integration of new municipalities in its area of ​​influence
Subsidy for the Livestock branch
Notice of events, events or events that significantly change the updated valuation price of shares representing capital stock of Capital Investment Funds
Submission of a copy of advertisements, notices and reports disseminated by Investment Funds, Operating Companies of Investment Funds and companies or entities that provide the service of distribution of shares of Investment Funds, aimed at the general public or customers
Registration of Insurance Adhesion Contracts
Delivery by the Specialized Units of the Financial Institutions of information on queries, claims and clarifications they receive from users
Register of Specialized Units of Financial Institutions (REUNE)
Delivery of quarterly information of General Deposit Stores, Credit Unions, Exchange Houses and Multiple Purpose Financial Companies, within the next month
Technical opinion on PLD / FT for Exchange Centers, SOFOMES ENR or Money Transmitters
Obtaining or renewing the certificate in the matter of PLD / FT for moral persons
Request to the National Banking and Securities Commission of the electronic key to access the SITI PLD / FT Interinstitutional Information Transfer System for Banks, Stock Exchange Houses, SOFOMES ER, Exchange Houses, General Deposit Stores, SOFIPOS, SOFINCOS, Organisms of Rural Financial Integration, Operating Companies of Investment Funds and Distributing Companies of Shares of Investment Funds, SOCAPS, Credit Unions and the National Financing of Agricultural, Rural, Forestry and Fishing Development
Transmission of shares or social shares for more than two percent for Exchange Centers, SOFOMES ENR or Money Transmitters
Notice of application of exams by the Examination Application Centers
Self-correction Programs for Institutions, Mutual Societies, Controlling Companies of Financial Groups and Reinsurance Intermediaries, before the CNSF
Register your technical notes and contractual documentation of bonds with the CNSF
Register as an independent actuary that signs valuations of technical reserves and valuation methods of the Institutions
Registration with the CNSF, of the Insurance Products. Non-Adhesion Contracts
Registration of model contracts for the provision of services for the intermediation of insurance products through a legal entity
Application for Authorization as a Reinsurance Intermediary before the CNSF
Signing of signatures before the CNSF
Permission to create a trust
Delivery of the Final Report of Activities to PCS
Delivery of the Partial Report of Activities to PCS
Annual Activity Report of Civil Society Organizations
Report by the agents responsible for the execution of the projects on changes of legal representative, address or telephone
Request for Modification Agreement for projects supported by the Social Coinversion Program (PCS)
Application for Modification of the Project Coordinator supported by the PCS
Request for Modification or update of Information before the Federal Registry of Civil Society Organizations
Application for Early Termination of the Legal Instrument
Support under the rules of operation of the FND for individuals
Support under the rules of operation of the FND for moral persons
Registration in the RNIE of Trust Agreements