Business Registrations

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Title Description
Certificate of REGON number
Starting a business
Social security
Occupational powers
Sales and marketing
Employees in the company
Official matters
Suspension and resumption
Contractors and customers
Taxes and accounting
Permits, concessions, registers
Closing the company
The Polish Investment and Trade Agency
Polish Agency for Enterprise Development
Mergers and acquisitions in Polish law
Bankruptcy law and restructuring proceedings
Unfair competition
Environmental Impact Assessment
Create a trusted profile (Załóż profil zaufany)
I want to do business in Poland (I am a foreigner)
How to do business in Poland
I want to provide cross-border services in Poland
I want to confirm my professional qualifications in Poland
I would like to post employees to Poland
Center of help (Centrum pomocy)
Free legal assistance
A victim of human trafficking
The Office for Foreigners
Residence in Poland
Applications forms for EU Citizens
Permanent residence permit
The long-term resident’s EU residence permit
Certification of documents - Apostille
I am a foreigner - where do I have to apply for insurance?
Foreign ZUS payer – how to register
Register a foreign company branch in the National Court Register (Rejestracja oddziału zagranicznej firmy w Krajowym Rejestrze Sądowym)
I open a representative office of a foreign company in Poland (Przedstawicielstwo firmy zagranicznej w Polsce – jak otworzyć – poradnik)
Permission to subscribe for shares
Guide to legal forms subject to entry into the National Court Register and corresponding forms. (Przewodnik po formach prawnych podlegających wpisowi do KRS i odpowiadających im formularzach.)
How to find information about an entrepreneur (how to check a contractor)?
Search engine of entities (Wyszukiwanie podmiotu)
Search engine of debtors (Wyszukiwanie dłużnika)
Court and Commercial Gazette (Monitor Sądowy i Gospodarczy)
National Criminal Records (Krajowy Rejestr Karny)
Search for a company in CEIDG - Central Registration and Information on Business
Search for a company in REGON - National Business Registry Number
Checking the tax identification status (Sprawdzenie statusu NIP)
Search for EU VAT
National Information on Telecommunications Debts
Poland- Business Travel
Embassies and consular posts of the EU
Embassies and consular posts
Start-up - how to start - guide (Start-up – jak rozpocząć – poradnik)
Financing for startup business
Polish Development Fund (Polski Fundusz Rozwoju)
Support of startup (Wsparcie w Starcie)
Stock broker - recognition of qualifications
Obtain a business identification number (REGON) for civil-law partnership
Obtain NIP for a civil law partnership
Remove a civil law partnership from REGON register
Update the data of a civil law partnership in the REGON register
Certificate of REGON number