Licensing and Permits :: Modifications and Renewals

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Title Description
Renewing the Licence of Educational Institutions
Revision of an Educational Institution's Licence
Variation to a Pharmacy Licence
Withdrawal of a Marketing Authorisation, 126(a) Authorisation or a Parallel Licence
Change in Number of Persons Residing in a Premises (Form H)
Qualified Expert Re-Approval
Change the Status of Licensed Radio Frequency for Radio Links (MCA/10/24)
GR1 Form - Projected Revenue ECS
GR1 Form - Projected Revenue Postal
GR2 Form - Actual Revenue ECS
GR2 Form - Actual Revenue Postal
Request to Cancel an Individual Radiocommunications Licence (Declaration) - (MCA/10/60/F)
Amendments to an Existing Driving Licence
Authorisation to Include a Horse under another Person's Animal Drawn Vehicle (ADV) Licence
Carriage of Passengers Operator Licence (CPOL) Cancellation
Change from an Australian Driving Licence to a Maltese Driving Licence
Change in Authorised Representative to Manage the Operation or Name of Carriage of Passengers Operator's Licence (CPOL) Holder (In Case of Death, Legal or Physical Incapacity)
Change in Carriage of Passenger's Operator's Licence (CPOL) Details
Change of Motoring School
Change of the Gross Combined Weight of a Tractor Unit
Changes to a Road Haulage Operator Licence
Changing a Vehicle's Cabin
Convert a Goods Carrying Vehicle's Classification or Type of Usage
Converting a Passenger Transport Vehicle To a Private Transport Vehicle
Exchange from a European Union Driving Licence to a Maltese Driving Licence
Modify Animal Drawn Vehicles (ADV) Licence
Re-Application for Undelivered Driver's Permit
Re-issue of Driving Licence/Counterpart, Registration Certificate or Road Licence
Re-issuing of Lost or Misplaced Carriage of Passengers Operator's Licence (CPOL)
Renewal of Digital Tachograph
Renewal of Driving Licence
Renewal of Road Hauliers Operator Licence
Upgrade from National to Community (International) Carriage of Passengers Operator's Licence (CPOL)
Various Vehicle Changes (VEH 06)
Revalidation of an Existing Certificate of Competence (Commercial Vessels)
Sea Service Testimonial - Revalidation
Small Ship Registration or Re-registration
Water Sports Centre Licence Renewal
Bingo Hall Licence Renewal
Casino Employee Variation of Function
Cruise Casino Certificate of Approval Renewal
Decommissioning, Storing and/or Moving of a Relevant Gaming Device
Family Business Transfer of Ownership
Renewal of Gaming Devices Class 1 Licence
Renewal of Gaming Devices Class 2 Licence
Renewal of Gaming Devices Class 3 Licence
Renewal of Gaming Devices Class 4 Licence
Renewal of Gaming Devices Premises Certificate of Approval
Cancellation Form for an Existing Trading Licence
Transfer of Market Hawker's Fixed Site in an Open-Air Market or Kiosk (Form E)
English Lanugage Teaching (ELT) Permit Renewal