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Title Description
Addition to the Pension for the Elderly Program
Application for the rehabilitation, conditioning and equipping of day homes for the care of the elderly
Membership to join the Insurance for Female Heads of Family
Application for Life Insurance support for female heads of household
Reactivation of member of the beneficiary family in PROSPERA
Re-issuance of monetary support issued by PROSPERA and not withdrawn by the owner
Reactivation of the beneficiary family in PROSPERA
Change of owner of the beneficiary family in PROSPERA
Change or correction of address of the beneficiary family of PROSPERA
Replacement of the card with CHIP for the receipt of PROSPERA monetary supports
Registration of members of the beneficiary family of PROSPERA
Notice of withdrawal of member of the Beneficiary Family of PROSPERA
ISSSTE subsidy due to illness or accident outside of work
Voluntary continuation in the compulsory regime, health insurance; retirement, unemployment in advanced age and old age before the ISSSTE
Pension of the ISSSTE due to the death of the pensioner
Electronic registry of pension plans
Request for resumption of payment for lack of the Survival Magazine before the ISSFAM
Application for regularization and redirection of payment to the ISSFAM
Proof of weeks listed in the IMSS-ISSSTE
Assignment or location of the Social Security Number
Transmission in the Sole Registry of Secured Transactions (RUG)
Registration of authorized pension plans
Registration and authorization of actuaries to dictate pension plans
Non-debit letter request without mortgage credit FOVISSSTE
FOVISSSTE mortgage loan application for pensioners
Portability request for the balance of the housing sub-account FOVISSSTE - INFONAVIT
Request for extension of payment of mortgage credit FOVISSSTE for separation of public service