Agriculture and Livestock

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Title Description
Regeneration Certification Irrigation
Approvals Authorization
Testing, Examination and Registration of Plant Varieties
Agricultural Registry
Issuing the Truth on the Agricultural Role in the records of the Caransebes City Hall
Procedure for issue of agricultural role certificate
Existing Farm Role Accreditation
Role Agricole Accreditation
Role of Agricultural Accreditation with Changes by Application / Statement
Adequate for APIA
Enrollment in the Agricultural Register individuals
Enrollment in agriculture
Releasing the Truth on the Existing Agricultural Role - Baicoi Town Hall
Role of Agricultural Revolution with amendments by request / type declaration - City Hall Baile Olanesti
Role of Agricultural Accreditation - Baile Olanesti City Hall
Role Agricole Accreditation
Role Agricole Accreditation
Acknowledgment of Agricultural Role
The Role of Agricole
The role of the Agricultural Revolution with Amendments by Application / Statement type-city Nucet
Existence of existing agricultural role-Nucet city
Issuing Prefect Order under Law no. 18/1991-Nucet city
Confidence of agricultural role City Hall of Panciu
Registration procedure in the Agricultural Register of Pucioasa City Hall
Role Agricole Accreditation
Role of the Agricultural Office Roznov
Agricultural role - Saveni Town Hall
Sebis Town Hall Farming Authority
Application Certificate manufacturer
Agricultural role verdict
Form ROL Agricultural Register UAT Tandarei
Agricultural Roll
Gold Certificate of Existing Agriculture Role
Trust Agricultural Registry
Procedure for granting Traditional Product attestation
The procedure for certifying the food obtained according to the Romanian recited recipes, registering them in the NNRC and using the National Register of the National RNRC
Acquiring protection for a quality system of an agricultural and / or food product
Registering a geographical indication and acquiring the protection of spirits