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Title Description
Issuing an Employing License
Renewing an Employing License
Electronic Gateway for Business Owner
Registration to Volunteer in the Civil Defense
Students Employment Project In Summer
Inquiring about the status of graduated reward
Registration Form In The Unemployment Insurance
Appointments Booking Screen For Unemployment Insurance Transactions
Electronic Service For Individuals
Apply for job in Kuwait Fund
Retirement Day Calculator
Amount Of Replacement Calculator
Central Registration for Job Seekers
Query the status of social exchange allowance
Query the status of a trainee
Query the status of work allowance
Search for a job
Appointment Request from MGRP
Kuwait Governmental Services Directory
Receive and follow up on job application by MOF
Enquiry about sick leaves
Enquiry about status of transactions
Registration to Volunteer in the Civil Defense
Registration for the National Military Service
Regular Review - Man Power and Government Restructuring Program
Eservices for Public Authority Of Manpower,As-hal Service
Automated recruitment
Company Workers