Government Information :: Criminal and Security

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Title Description
Care for victims of sexual exploitation and grooming- Team Niñ @ s
Attention to Victims of Sexual Violence
Attention to victims of family violence - Line 137
Assistance to victims of human rights violations
Request the Legitimate credential Individual user of Special Purpose Materials (bulletproof vests or armored vehicles)
Obtain the Individual User Legitimate credential (Collective User Transporting Flows and Financial Entities)
Report institutional violence
Report a fact of corruption
Make a report for unregistered work situations or irregular child and / or adolescent work.
Report a crime in National Gendarmerie
Definitive introduction of armored vehicles for the transport of people
Reporting an event of discrimination
Request the possession of weapons for collective users (Companies)
Call the 144 free line of assistance and prevention of gender violence
Request the possession of firearms for the personnel of Police, Penitentiary, Armed and Security Forces (active and retired)
Request the possession of totally or partially shielded installation
Remove the bulletproof vest possession
Remove the possession of main spare parts of firearms
Request the possession of a firearm
Register the change of address of the individual user of a firearm
Obtain the Registration of Legitimate Collective User (Security Agency)
Process the possession of a fully or partially shielded facility
Definitively introduce firearms, main components of arms and ammunition
Definitively introduce weapons and ammunition of those who want to settle in the country
Definitively introduce samples without commercial value of bullet-proof vests, opaque and transparent shields
Temporarily introduce weapons, ammunition, armored vehicles and other materials
Request the credential of Legitimate Individual Firearms User (Security Agency)
Weapon possession and ammunition consumption control card Collective User Security Agency
Report a computer crime
Report the theft or robbery of the car
Request criminal record
Report alleged violations of the Credit Card Law