Utilities :: Telephone Service

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Title Description
Web Agenda for Hearings before URSEC
Duplicate and invoice queries Issued by URSEC
Claim of Consumers of Telecommunications and Postal Services
I received your Antel invoice by email
ANTEL Customer Service
Registration of People and Companies - Modifications
Request to URSEC for Access to Public Information
Telephone Guide Consultation
Appointment of Directors, Administrators or Managers of Audiovisual Communication Services
Delivery of the ANTEL Contract
Self-management of Mobile Services of ANTEL
Hiring of Telephone Line
My Accountant Service
Sending SMS Messages to Cell Phones
Sending SMS Messages to Cell Phones
Consult National Numbering Plan - ANTEL
Consult National Numbering Plan - ANTEL
ANTEL Call Estimator
World Numbers - Service Request
World Numbers - Service Claim
Special Telephones of ANTEL for Persons with Hearing Disability
Facility Management in your Telephone Line
Data Correction in Phone Book