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Title Description
Informed Cadastral Certificate
Application Proof of Domicile or Certificate of Neighborhood
Renewal of Certificate of Regularity for Housing Cooperatives
Queries about Debts
Register of Horizontally Owned Building Managers
Properties for Sale of Banco Hipotecario del Uruguay
Application for Copy of Plans
Change of Percentage of Discount
Legal Assignment
Contractor Company Registration - Paysandú
Consultation of Urban Real Estate Contribution Debt in Flores
Personal Income Quotation
Modification of the Leasing Party
Lease Guarantee
Declassification of a Property Property Declared National Historic Landmark
Personal Property Information Certificates
Ratifications of Private Lease Contracts in the CGN Rents Guarantee Service
Rescissions of Rental Contracts Related to the CGN Rents Guarantee Service
Requests for Fractionation of Rural Patterns
Delivery of Rewards related to the Public Architecture Work