Licensing and Permits

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Title Description
Registration of Breastfeeding places or Spaces in Workplaces or Study
12R Sworn Statement / Regular Passenger Transport Companies
Transit Guide Application for Industrial Hemp
Enrole and Desenrole of Crewmen
File Consultation
Application for Authorization to Work During the License Period of the Construction Industry
Exploration Permit and Mining Rights of Occupation and / or Step
Cooperative Application for System Use with DAT Granted (Permits)
Request for Homologation of Materials
Request for Authorization for Raffles
Hours Reserves for Commercial Transactions - OSE
Timely Transport of Radioactive Material
Import and Marketing of Toys
Quarries Registry
Enabling or Renewing Companies that operate with DIGEFE
Requests for Receipts of Psychotropic and Narcotic Drugs
12R Sworn Statement / Regular Passenger Transport Companies
Enabling Premises for Financial Intermediation Institutions
Occasional Passenger Permit Management - GEPOP
Physical Fitness Certificate
Enabling Munitions Refill Location
Enabling Optical Establishments, Importers and Workshops
Complementary Permit Certificate
Transfers of Trade Show Permits
Registration of Hunting Tour Operators
Register of Companies to Operate within the Port of Montevideo
Recognition of Leading Sports Entities
Sports Hunting Permit Application
File Consultation
File Consultation
Application for Authorizations in Note for Sports Events and / or National Route Competitions
Fluvial and Maritime Transport: Request for International Line of Loads and / or Passengers
Leasing for International Transportation
Steam Generator Registration
Registration - Driving academies
Editorial paper - Purchase in Plaza