Government Information :: Cultural and Historical

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Title Description
Consultations to the DIBAM
Application to the National Folkloric Ballet Academy (BAFONA)
Fund for the Promotion of Books and Reading (creation line)
Audiovisual Fund (audiovisual production line)
FONDART Regional (line of artistic creation)
Assignment of ISSN
Music Fund (production line, broadcast, edition and distribution)
Audiovisual Fund (script line)
National FONDART (cultural infrastructure line)
FONDART Nacional (architecture line)
Audiovisual Fund (dissemination and implementation line)
Fund for the Promotion of National Music (industry line)
Music Fund (line of face-to-face activities promoting national music)
Information about Chilean monuments recognized by UNESCO
FONDART Regional (craft creation line)
Program of itineraries "The MIM in your region"
Apply to the Our Culture Competition
Music Fund (line of research and national music record)
Educational contents of the DIBAM
Memory writings prize (unpublished works)
Amster Coré Award for design and editorial illustration