Licensing and Permits :: Applications

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Title Description
Public Collection
Licence for Blood Establishment
Manufacturer’s or Importer’s Licence for Medicinal Products and/or Investigational Medicinal Products for use in Humans
Pharmacy Licence for Medicinal Products for Human Use
Application for a Grave
Environment Permit for Service Station
Environmental Permit Application Form - Extraction of Minerals and Backfilling Operations
Environmental Permit for Industry - General
Environmental Permit for Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Solvents
Request for Hosting Events at Ta' Qali Park
Access to Genetic Resources in Malta - Wildlife
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) - Application Form for Notification for First Time Use
Permit for Intervention on Protected Trees
Permit in Conjunction with Sites Protected under National Legislation
Permit in Conjunction with Species Protected under National Legislation
Waste Enquiry Request (WasteServ Malta Ltd)
Qualified Expert Approval
Radiation Protection Board (RPB) - Transport Authorisation of Radioactive Substances
Add or Reduce Radio Links Licensed under a Nationwide Licence (MCA/10/25)
Aeronautical Ground Station Radiocommunications Licence (MCA/F/11-0574)
Aircraft Radio Station Licence (MCA/F/11-0575)
Amateur Radio Licence (MCA/F/11-0338)
Application Form to obtain an Individual Licence and Authorisation to Provide Postal Services both Within and Outside the Scope of the Universal Service
Commercial General Authorisation (GA) to provide Electronic Communications Networks and/or Services
Community Radio Application
Formal Request for Spectrum Assignment for the Provision of Electronic Communications Networks and/or Services (MA/F/12-0756)
Licence to Install or use Non-Specific Radiocommunications Apparatus (MCA/F/11-0579)
Licensing of Broadcasting Apparatus (MCA/F/11-0578)
Maritime Coast Radio Station Licence (For use from Shore to Ship) (MCA/F/11-0573)
Nationwide TV Station Application
On-site Radio Paging System (MCA/F/11-0537)
Private Mobile Radio (PMR) Licence (MCA/F/11-0157)
Radio Link Licence (MCA/10/23)
Satellite Earth Station Licence (MCA/F/11-0365)
Test Licence Application Form (MCA/10/28)
Trial Licence Application Form (MCA/10/29)
Addition, Revalidation or Renewal and Skill Test or Proficiency Check and Report Form for a Single Pilot Aeroplane
Aerodrome Licence
Flight Radiotelephony Operator's Licence Application Issued Under the Air Navigation Order
Application for Permit to carry out Road Works
Application to Impose a Speed Limit on the Road
Driving Instructor Permit
Driving Licence under Category A - Learner's Permit
Driving Licence under Category B - Learner's Permit
Driving Licence under Category C - Learner's Permit
Driving Licence under Category D - Learner's Permit
International Driving Permit
Learner's Permit
Licensing of a New or Used Vehicle
New Licence to Operate a Motoring School
New Road Haulage Operator Licence
Permit to Operate a New Public Service Garage
Request a Driving Licence to drive Animal Drawn Vehicles or Ride Animals Under Saddle
Request a new Karrozzin Operator Licence (KOL)
Request a Type B or C Licence for Animal Drawn Vehicles (ADV)
Request a Type D Licence for Animal Drawn Vehicles (ADV) for Private Use
Temporary Permit for Foreign Registered Vehicles Used by Non-Resident Students
Temporary Permit for Non-Resident Workers
Temporary Permit to Move an Unlicensed Vehicle
Vehicle Assignment Form to Carriage for Passengers Operator Licence (CPOL)
Vehicle Change of Engine
Bunker Operator Permit
Commercial Vessel Operator Licence
Individual Provisional Ship Station Licence (Non-SOLAS ships)
Individual Ship Station Licence
Individual Ship Station Licence (Non-SOLAS ships)
Nautical Instructor Permit
Nautical Licence
Permission to Hold a Maritime Activity
Preliminary Application to Obtain or Transfer a Water Sports Operator's Licence
Provisional Ship Station Licence (SOLAS Ships)
Amusement Machines Class 1 Licence
Amusement Machines Class 2 Licence
Amusement Machines Personal Declaration
Approval and Registration of Amusement Machines
Approval and Registration of Games (Gaming Devices)
Approval and Registration of Relevant Gaming Devices and/or Associated Equipment
Casino Employee
Casino Licence
Casino Personal Declaration
Commercial Tombola (Bingo) - Approval of Employee
Cruise Casino Certificate of Approval
Exemption from Duty on Lottery or Small Games
Gaming Devices Application for Approval of Employee
Gaming Devices Class 1 Licence
Gaming Devices Class 3 Licence
Gaming Devices Class 4 Licence
Gaming Devices Personal Declaration Application Form (Key Official)
Gaming Devices Premises Certificate of Approval
Junket Leader's Licence
Poker Tournament Application Form
Poker Tournament Dealer Application Form
Registration of Other Amusement Machines
System Documentation Checklist for Remote Gaming Licence
Authorisation to Operate a VRT Station
Licence to Operate a Public Service Garage Through Transfer by Inheritance
Auctioneer Licence (Form F)
Car Boot Sale Licence (Form G)
Commercial Fair & Exhibition Licence
Door-to-Door Sales (Form H)
Extension of Substitution Period (Form D)
Market Hawker Licence
Marketing Agent Licence
Street Hawker Licence
Substitute Street and Market Hawker Licence (Form C)
Application for the Issuing of a Warrant or Special Licence to Practice the Profession of Engineer in Malta
ELT (English Language Teaching) School Licence
English Language Teaching (ELT) New Permit
Test Licence
Test Licence for any Type of Wireless Technology
VRT Tester Licence
Use of Public Open Spaces at the Ċittadella – Gozo
Deposit or Use of Crane or Other Machinery