New Zealand


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Title Description
Paying for doctor's visits
Seeing a specialist
Prescription charges
Prescription subsidy scheme
Dental care
Immunise your child for free
Free health checks for children under 13
Help with day-to-day personal care
Nursing and medical help at home
Cooking and meals
Maintaining your house and garden
Home modifications
Paying for heating
Personal medical alarms
Home support services — reporting a problem
Getting a needs assessment
Financial help for people with a disability or illness
Government help with healthcare if you're over 65
Community Services Card
Disability Allowance
Lottery grants for people with disabilities
About residential care
Choosing a rest home
Services offered by rest homes or hospitals
Paying for residential care
Moving into a rest home
Making a complaint about residential care
Caring for someone with a health condition, injury or illness
Help with mental health and addiction
Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) for personal care and welfare
Getting publicly funded health services
Free health advice
Healthcare if you're in NZ on a work visa
Food health and safety
Producing food for sale
Food labelling
Make a complaint about food poisoning