Government Information :: Business

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Title Description
Government financing programs
Grants, contributions and other financial assistance
Loans and capital investments
Wage subsidies
Financing from non-government organizations
Private sector financing
Managing your finances
Funding for superclusters
Corporation income tax
Business or professional income
Benefits of federal incorporation
For-profit corporations
Not-for-profit corporations
Registered intermediaries
Payroll and benefits
Wage subsidies and other assistance programs
International innovation
Expanding your business into Canada
Investing in foreign markets
Federally regulated industry sectors
Canadian and international standards
Tools for intermediaries
Upcoming regulatory changes
Selling to other governments
Procurement-related event calendar
Innovation funding and support
Research and development (R&D) collaboration
Research technologies and innovative solutions
Technical and advisory services
Conducting market research
Financial performance data
Small business research and statistics
Managing your finances
Supply chain management
Marketing and sales techniques
Management, leadership and strategic planning
Planning for business growth
Corporate social responsibility
Greening your business
Making your business bilingual
Exiting your business
Emergency and disaster planning
Business continuity planning
E-business security, privacy and legal requirements
Keeping your business cyber safe
Anti-spam information for business
Fraud awareness for commercial targets (FACT)
Filing a competition related complaint
Small business insurance
Resolving small business legal issues
Workplace hazardous materials
Risk management
Privacy and your business
Owing money
Tax implications of bankruptcy
Companies under creditor protection
Licensed insolvency trustees
Finding a Licensed Insolvency Trustee
Business continuity planning
Filing for bankruptcy
You are owed money
Insolvency for business
Financial institution regulation