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Title Description
Aviation, marine, ice and other weather services
Fuel and energy efficiency
Road security
Air travel
Aviation security
General operating and flight rules
Navigation and marine conditions
Getting started with boating safety
Vessel design, construction and maintenance
Arctic shipping
Ports, harbours and anchorages
Marine emergencies
Marine security
Child car seat safety
Defects and recalls of vehicles, tires and child car seats
Importing a vehicle
Vehicle technologies and innovation
Vehicle technologies and innovation
Safety standards for vehicles, tires and child car seats
Road security
Research and testing on vehicles and child car seats
Rail safety actions and enforcement
Rail security
Apply for rail safety improvement funding (infrastructure, technology)
Transportation of dangerous goods
Emergency response assistance plans
Investing in Canada
All Infrastructure Canada Investments Since 2002
Surface infrastructure
Apply for Transportation Assets Risk Assessment funding
Apply for Northern Transportation Adaptation Initiative funding
Transport development