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Title Description
Disability pension
Public service group insurance benefit plans
Food guides and healthy eating
Food allergies and intolerances
Nutrition science and research
Vaccination for children
Vaccination for adults
Vaccination and pregnancy
Your child’s vaccination schedule
Travel vaccines
Vaccine preventable diseases
The flu shot
Information for First Nations and Inuit – Vaccines: how they protect children
Information for First Nations and Inuit – Vaccines: making sure kids get their vaccinations
Drugs and medication
Natural and non-prescription health products
Licensing, authorizing and manufacturing drug and health products
Inspecting and monitoring drug and health products
Buying and using drug and health products safely
Side effects, recalls and complaints
Helping you maintain and improve your health: drug and medical device highlights 2017
Recalls and safety alerts
Home safety
Emergency preparedness
Public health notices
Violence and abuse
Blood, organ and tissue donation
Problematic substance use
Healthy pregnancy
Smoking, vaping and tobacco
Health and the environment
Childhood obesity
Infant care
Being active
Health care services for First Nations and Inuit
Non-insured health benefits for First Nations and Inuit
Nutrition, food safety and Aboriginal health
Mental health, addictions and Aboriginal health
Diseases, conditions and Aboriginal health
Aboriginal family health
First Nations and Inuit health reports
Health cards
Health care system
Health services
External Advisory Bodies
Calendar of health promotion days
Health, support and casualty services
Health research institutes
Centre of expertise: mental health in the workplace
Disability management in the federal public service
Duty to accommodate