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Job Bank
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Government of Canada jobs
Youth and student employment
Jobs in national security and defence
Work permits
Security screening
EI Economic Regions
Opportunities in the heritage sector
Jobs in Canada Revenue Agency
Jobs in other provinces and territories
Jobs in Parks Canada
Explore careers by education program
Training programs to help Canadians get jobs
Train employees
Hiring employees
Wage data
Job Bank for employers
Hiring summer students
Hire foreign workers
Report on hirings
Labour standards across Canada
Federal labour standards and equity
Workplace health and safety
Federal labour relations
Regular benefits
Sickness benefits
Maternity and parental benefits
Caregiving benefits and leave
Benefits for the self-employed
Benefits for Canadians living abroad
Fishing benefits
Find a job
EI – information for employers
Recruiting and hiring
Human resources management
Departing employees
Labour market data
Human resources regulations
Labour market data
Caregiving benefits and leave
Benefits for Canadians living abroad
Workplace health and safety
Labour management