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Government Information :: Criminal and Security

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Criminal courts
Delete a historic conviction
Drink-drive rehabilitation courses
Drinking Banning Order (DBO)
Drugs penalties
How sentences are worked out
Make a victim personal statement to the Parole Board
Find a prison
Get help with the cost of prison visits
Getting parole
Leaving prison
Prison life
Send money to someone in prison
Staying in touch with someone in prison
Support for families and friends of prisoners
Types of prison sentences
Visit someone in prison
After a crime: your rights
Claim compensation if you were the victim of a violent crime
Criminal injuries compensation tribunal
Female genital mutilation: help and advice
Get financial support as a victim of crime
Make a victim representation to the Mental Health Tribunal
What to do if your vehicle has been stolen
Young people in custody
Youth crime prevention programmes
Youth offending teams
Being arrested: your rights
Being stopped by the police while driving: your rights
Biometric data records
Check if a website can legally sell medicines online
Civil Legal Advice (CLA)
Complain about a financial service or product
Consumer rights
Data protection
Disability rights
Discrimination: your rights
Get a copy of your police records
Help if you're arrested abroad
How to make a freedom of information (FOI) request
Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) and special constables
Police and crime commissioners
Police cautions, warnings and penalty notices
Report a problem with a medicine or medical device
Selling, buying and carrying knives
Stopping industrial action: citizens' rights