Building and Construction

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Title Description
Apply to register a bill of sale
Apply to register or cancel a caveat
Apply to register unregistered land in Judea and Samaria
Correct a land area and boundary listing in the Land Registry in Judea and Samaria
Land fees payments (Heb)
Locate fire safety requirements for building permits (Heb)
Pay membership to the Association for Housing Culture
Pay public housing and housing assistance payments for holders of payment vouchers (Amidar)
Produce a land registry deed (Tabu) extract from the land registry
Produce scanned documents from condominium files
Register a bequest of land
Register a cooperation agreement
Register for Buyer's Price (Mechir Lemishtaken) and Target Price (Mechir Matara) lotteries
Submit a land allocation request
Submit a neighborhood emergency preparedness report
Submit objections to a national infrastructure plan