Licensing and Permits :: Modifications and Renewals

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Title Description
Renewal Registration - Declaration of bareboat charter
Renewal Registration - Application for Authorization for Bareboat Freight
Renewal Registration - Declaration of Full Registration
New Registration - Declaration of Full Registration
Marine Passbook Application - Renewal
Notification of modification according to article 8 of the law of 9 November 1990
Application for cancellation of ship
Application for a certificate of authenticity for a driver's license
Registration renewal - Bareboat in charter
Registration renewal - Bareboat out charter
Registration renewal - Full registration
Notification of modification under Article 8 of the Law of 9 November 1990
Application for deletion of a ship - removal from the register
Decommissioning a vehicle
Recirculation of a vehicle following a temporary decommissioning
Driver Card - Duplicate (Taxi C02)
Driver Card - Modification (Taxi C03)
Driver Card - Renewal (Taxi C04)
Operating License - Duplicate (Taxi E02)
Operating License - Temporary Extension (Taxi E05)
Operating License - Amendment (Taxi E03)
Operating License - Renewal (Taxi E04)
Operating License - Transcript (Taxi E06)