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Title Description
Jobs & Career (Jobs & Karriere)
The labour market
Labour law
Current labour market data
Labour market policy in Austria
Kinds of employment
Permanent immigration
EU Blue Card
Red-White-Red Card plus
The employment of foreign citizens
Very Highly Qualified Workers
Skilled Workers in Shortage Occupations
Other Key Workers
Self-employed Key Workers
Start-up Founders
Students and Graduates
Working Holiday Programmes
Seasonal Workers
Posting and hiring out of workers
Intra-corporate Transfer of Managers, Specialists and Trainee Employees ("ICT" and"mobile ICT")
Working time
Leave (annual leave, parental leave etc.)
Ending employment
Representation of employees
Young people and young adults on the labour market
Short-time working: help during economic difficulties
Safeguarding wages in cases of insolvency
People with disabilities
Occupational safety and health
Starting a New Job
Service for job seekers and companies
EURES - The European Job Mobility Portal