Country: Paraguay
Title: Institute of Public Administration of Paraguay
Description: It is the Institute of Public Administration of Paraguay, dependent on the Secretariat of Public Function, which aims to design and implement training and training policies without discrimination in the public sector. The training activities seek to develop the capacities of public officials to strengthen the efficient and transparent functioning of public institutions. The training activities are framed in the following lines: Transfers of knowledge and experiences in public management. Leveling and induction for the job. Training of managerial, technical and operational skills Application of innovative tools and instruments implemented from the SFP. Socialization and exchange of experience. Raising awareness of equality and non-discrimination policies. The training activities have a national scope, addressed to the State Organisms and Entities, including the governorates and municipalities. INAPP has the support of local public and private institutions, international cooperation and peer institutions from other countries.
Category: Employment :: Labor :: Career Training