Country: Greece
Title: Refrigeration plant technician
Description: This is a person working under the instructions of the person responsible for the operation, repair, maintenance of a refrigeration plant, offering technical assistance and acquiring knowledge and experience of his work object. Upon acquisition of the job licence it is stated that this person has the required knowledge and experience and can provide technical assistance to the licenced refrigeration plant foreman. The holder of this licence has the following rights: • to participate in a work team offering technical assistance to the refrigeration plant foreman, under the responsibility and instructions of whom it works for the installation, repair and maintenance of 1st, 2nd and 3rd type refrigeration plants, • to acquire certificates of previous experience. 1st type plants include: • Refrigeration plants for domestic, professional, commercial uses (refrigerators, ice cube trays, water coolers, refrigerating machines, ducted or split system air conditioners). • Other application refrigeration plants with total power up to 10 ΗΡ. 2nd type plants include: • Refrigeration plants for industrial-specific applications (cold stores, food and other goods processing facilities, machine cooling facilities). 3rd type plants (General Applications) include: • Refrigeration plants of the 1st and 2nd type and • Refrigeration plants for more specific applications. * A refrigeration plant consists of all the electro-engineering arrangements through which refrigeration is achieved with the use of any refrigeration circuit.
Category: Employment :: Labor