Country: Oman
Title: Electronic services for students
Description: Aims to provide the services needed by students electronically through the Ministry's website to facilitate the students wishing to benefit from these services. Students who are already registered in the Ministry of Higher Education can, through this website, show their personal details regarding their studies and details of registration at the college or university. He may also request that some of his data, which may be misstated, be changed through an electronic form for making adjustments to be amended. To activate this service, the student must register to be contacted electronically. Please follow the instructions on the registration page. If you have registered before you can login to show your private data. These electronic services are at your fingertips, and the Ministry has future plans to develop them, and show them in the best way to enable the student in the future to complete all his tasks related to study electronically from the Ministry's website.
Category: Education