Country: Uruguay
Title: Productivity Index Claim (CONEAT Index) or Soil Groups CONEAT
Description: What is it? Law 13.695 (Articles 65 to 68) of October 24, 1968 created the National Commission for the Agronomic Study of the Earth (CO.NEAT) and established as its main task the definition of technical standards to set the productive capacity of each rural property and the country's average. CONEAT groups are not strictly basic cartographic units of land, but are homogeneous areas, defined by their productive capacity in terms of beef, sheep and wool standing (Article 65 of the aforementioned Law). This capacity is expressed by an index relative to the average productive capacity of the country, to which the index 100 corresponds. For each group the relief, generating material, the soils that make it up and the use among other characteristics are indicated.
Category: Agriculture and Livestock :: Animals