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Title Description
Social Inquiry for People with Disabilities
Social Survey - Town Hall of Baile Olanesti
Social Inquiry - child protection
Social Inquiry - Disability Protection
Social investigation
Flamanzi Town Hall Social Survey Report
Social investigation
Social investigation
Social investigation
Social Survey - Siret City Hall
Social Inquiry for Disabled People Somcuta Mare Town Hall
Social Investigation for Persons with Disabilities Zlatna
Social benefits
Grant family allowance
Provide educational incentives in the form of social vouchers for kindergarten
Provision of leave and monthly allowance for raising children
Provide insertion incentive
Grant state allowance for children
Granting the right of severely disabled persons with a personal assistant to hiring a personal assistant as well as monitoring the work of personal assistants
Grant monthly allowance to persons with severe disabilities
Carry out the necessary social investigations for complex evaluation
Granting of wood from dry sawing in the public or private domain of Constanţa
Granting Value Vouchers under the "RESPECT" Program
Providing facilities for public passenger transport for the categories of beneficiaries in Constanţa
Emergency aid
Provision of heating aids
Rotary Compensation Procedure
Establishment of a special curator and appointment of a special curator for the disabled, until pronouncement of the court in the files of prohibition - Constanta City Hall
Social survey for people with disabilities
Free parking pass for disabled people or their legal representatives