Vital Records

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Title Description
Birth registration - Constanta City Hall
Marriage registration - City Hall of Constanta
Death registration - City Hall of Constanta
Divorce, annulment or cessation of marriage - Town Hall of Constanta
Inscription of change of name and / or surname abroad - Constanta City Hall
Registration of documents concluded abroad - transcript of birth, marriage, death - Constanta City Hall
Divorce through administration - Constanta City Hall
Registration of the name change and / or of the surname by administrative means - Constanta City Hall
Family Book - Town Hall of Constanta
Cancellation, modification, rectification or completion of civil status documents and mentions - Constanta City Hall
Issuance of lost civil status certificates - City Hall of Constanta
Multilingual extraction of birth / marriage / death - Constanta City Hall
Registration of documents concluded abroad - divorce - City Hall of Constanta
Existing Mentions on Civil Status Documents - Annex 9 - Constanta City Hall
Registration of documents concluded abroad-certified transcripts / civil status extracts
Release multilingual standard form
Drawing of civil status documents transcribed birth
Drawing up marital status documents transcribed by marriage
Drawing civil status documents transcribed death
Change name and / or name by administrative means
Enrollment mentions, on request, on changing names and / or surnames abroad
Enrollment, upon request, of changes in the civil status of persons abroad
Reconstruction of civil status documents
Correction of civil status documents and mentions
Cancel civil status acts and claims
Enroll marriage divorce, along marital status acts
Completing or modifying civil status documents and their inscriptions
Release multilingual extracts from civil status documents
Solving civil status correspondence
Entry of the residence statement
Issuance of civil status certificates and family deliveries on request - Birth certificate
Entitlement to the residence statement
Provision of personal data from the national register of persons. Issuance of the certificate with data from the national register of persons (upon request).
Completion of the e401 form (Part b) on Family Compensation for Family Benefits and the Civil Status Certification Form
Procedure for Issue of Identity Cards - Marasesti Town Hall
Funeral help statement - Uninsured person
Declaration of funeral help - insured person
Declaration of absence certified birth / marriage defunct
Declaration of lack of military defunct delivery
Statement of Missing Identity Act Delayed
Late Registration of Death Statement
Referral for the opening of the succession proceedings
Request and declaration on your own responsibility
Request for family deliverance
Request multilingual extracts
Request for civil status certificates
Divorce application
Statement waiving divorce request
Statement - Maintenance of divorce application by administrative means
Marriage statement
Application for marriage - in a place other than the mayoralty
Application for marriage before / after the legal term
Declaration of the chosen matrimonial regime
Request for rectification of civil status act
Child Recognition Statement
Baby Home Statement
Request transcription document recorded abroad
Request enrollment name change change occurred abroad
Change name request
Adeverinta Housing Address
Address of Living at Address
Information procedure on the settlement of administrative files established under Law no. 10/2001
Procedure for communication of data concerning the registrations made in the National Register of legal entities without patrimonial purpose
Procedure for granting the availability of the name for the establishment of private legal entities without patrimonial purpose or for changing their name
Issue of children's plans or documents held by the Archives of the Patrimony Department - Constanta City Hall
Archive copy request - Constanta City Hall
Concession of a place of death to death - Constanta City Hall
Concession of a place of burial - Constanta City Hall
Carrying out a social inquiry to complete the file on the allowance for raising and caring for the child up to 2 years of age - Constanta City Hall