Customs and Trade

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Title Description
Providing information about the characteristics of the Republic of Belarus products
Provision of information on manufacturers of products of the Republic of Belarus
Providing information about the certificates for the products of the Republic of Belarus
Foreign Trade of Belarus in January-June 2018
Foreign Trade in January-June 2018
Trade Regimes
Protection of National Producers
Measures to protect the domestic market in the EAEU (Меры защиты внутреннего рынка в ЕАЭС)
Eurasian Economic Union
Belarus Accession to the WTO
Technical Assistance to Belarus
Currency regulation and implementation of foreign trade transactions
JSC Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange
Auction schedule
OJSC"Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange" (ОАО «Белорусская универсальная товарная биржа»)
Tariff Regulations
The basic legal framework governing relations in the field of customs and tariff regulation
Import duties
Export duties
Initiation of changes in import duties