Employment :: Labor

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Title Description
Inquire job seekers
Application form from the Information Technology Department
Inquire about the data of the Omani labor force
Inquire about Omanization rate
Query on manpower data
Check the status of the job seeker
Renewal of the non-Omani workforce - commercial establishments
Renewal of the non-Omani workforce - citizens
Curriculum Vitae
Registration of termination of national manpower services and resignations
National workforce registration
new registration
Registration of the labor force in the advertised jobs
Registration of vacancies
Modification of data for non - Omani workforce - citizens
Modification of data for non-Omani labor force - commercial establishments
Amending the profession for Omanis - Establishments
Details of non - Omani labor force wages
Details of manpower by sector
Details of Manpower by Profession
Submission of complaints concerning monthly wages
Provide justification for wage violations
Activate search status
Registration service for the individual employment contract for the Omani
Application Form for Non-Omani Workforce - Citizens
Application for a license to Sanad Services Center
Request payment for leave without pay
View vacancies and apply for them in the private sector
Acceptance / rejection of the profession amendment to the national manpower - employee
Disclosure of the expatriate labor force in the establishment
National workforce in the establishment
Omanization rate in the establishment