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Title Description
Application for asset ownership certificate
Application for international traffic permit
Personal certificate
Family certificate
Proof of entry and exit (punishment)
Certificate of ownership of the vehicle
Certification for driving permission
Application for issuing the minimum certificate for freight and fishing vessels
Application for final registration of sea engines
Application for registration of small vessels
Application for registration of bareboat vessels
Registering and equipping a fishing passport for a fishing fleet mariner
Recording of sailing services for harbor services
Release copy of assets file
Issuance of certificates (negative / positive)
Issuing a Certificate of Ownership
Issuance of a new certificate when the certificate has been lost or damaged
Correction of errors in the certificate of immovable property
Correction of errors on the cadastral map
Error correction in the file
Application for verification of the driving license (patent) for conversion or denunciation
Honeymoon certification application
Application for child certification
Application for child and breakfast certification (B & B)
Hotel certification application
Camping certification application
Application for certification for motels
Certification application for curative center
Application for certification for resort
Monthly report of accommodation structure
Request for participation in activities