Licensing and Permits :: Applications

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Title Description
Travel day trips, individuals
Travel day trips, legal entities
Travel agency permits, individuals
Travel agency license, legal entities
The Compulsory School Exemption Committee
Daycare for children in private homes
Licensing of pediatric services
Permit for cremation
Homes and institutions for children and adolescents
Sunbeds work permit
Operating license for private kindergarten
Tattoos, body piercing, skin break, and cosmetics
Permit for bath and sauna facilities
Licensing and Open Play License Terms
Vehicle inspection
Permit for beauty salons
Permit for massage parlors
Operating license for funeral parlor / publisher
Trade and import of firearms and ammunition
Various services for motor vehicles
Sale of used vehicles
Automotive and car spraying
Store of products containing hazardous substances and toxins
Repair of refrigerators
Free auction
Beauty and cosmetics shop
License to operate rental agents
Validation of real estate, corporate and ship sales
License to make a declaration of ownership
Temporary facilities such as walk-in wardrobes, traveling rooms and work camps related to temporary construction
Treatment of explosives
employees Shops
License for the operation of tour operators
License to operate a travel agency
Registration of booking services and / or information center
Sale of accommodation
Mountain huts, except huts
Hotel and catering business
Caravans, cottages and camp sites
Horse rentals and riding schools
Gymnasiums, centers and courts
Shooting Manager / Fireworks Show
would meet outside
licensing opportunities
leisure Area
Playgrounds and open playgrounds
Street toys and tivoli
Meeting rooms and rental agreement
dental technician
Legalization of job titles in several technical and design sectors
industrial Licenses
electrically Pairings
Certified Seamen's Settlers
District Court
Document Translator and Judges
pest control
garden spray
Driving School
Storage and care of animals
Animal Hospital operating license
Veterinary Services operating license
Zoos and extensive animal shows