Saudi Arabia


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Title Description
Medical Devices Importing License
List of Health Care Services
Processing of Approval of Medical Treatment
Entering Various Health Care Services
Medical Treatment Costs
Extending Treatment Period
Entering Period of Medical Treatment
Replacement for Lost or Damaged Health Card
Renewing Health Certificate
Health Certificate
Renewing Health Certificate
Renewal of Health Certificate
Patient Referral System of Patients from Other Hospitals to King Faisal Specialist Hospital
Management of Health Centers Outside the Country
Create User for Service Provider
Saudi Vigilance System
Inquiry About Drug and Poisons
Pest Control
Request for notification of breaking or irregularities
Details of Medical Treatment Bill of Contractual Hospitals
Medical Treatment Services
Medical Treatment Bill of Contractual Hospitals
Drug Products Classification
Public Health Pesticide Registration & Re-registration
Local Food Item Registration System
Add items to the cosmetics list
WebConnect Reference Laboratory
Medical Devices Database (MDDB)