Saudi Arabia

Employment :: Labor

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Title Description
Request for Transferring the services of an expatriate worker
Issue of Work License
Change of job title
Apply for job
Inquire about Annual Wages
Cancelling Subscription Period
Updating Annual Wages
Transferring Employees (Transfer of All Subscribers)
Registering Saudi Employee
Registering Non-Saudi Subscriber
Eliminating Non-Saudi Employee (Termination of Subscription Period)
Eliminating Saudi Employee (Termination of Subscription Period)
Number of Subscribers of Nitaqat Program
Transferring Employee from One Branch to Another
Sick Leave Validation
Safeguarding of Wages
Request for Transferring the services of an expatriate worker
Subscribers of Nitaqat Program
Change of job title
Register Business Details in Entities Account
Applying for Wages Additional Support
Review Claims of Compensation to Private Sector Employers for Localization Wages
Verify Entitlement to Wage Additional Support
Termination of an Employee in Wages Additional Support Program
Verifying Entitlement for Localization Reward
Applying for Localization Reward
Supporting Salary Increment of Private School Teachers
Transfer of worker from one branch of company to another
Request for Conditional and Temporary Payment for Government Contracts
Transfer of a domestic worker