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Title Description
Investor Insurance Review
Online Registration In GOSI
Complaint Against False Saudization
Create an Account for an Insurance Company on the Portal Board
Amending Wages Registered in GOSI
Penalty Deduction from Credit Balance
Injury Report (Entering New Occupational Injury)
Reporting Injury Details
Business Invoice
Changing Facility Type of Calendar
Changing Facility Head Office
Checking Information of Saudi Employee Registered in GOSI System
View Insurance Company details
Cancellation of Insurance Policy
Add a Beneficiary
Renewal of Insurance Policy
Use Employer Registeration Code to Inquire about Insured Persons
Creating Establishment Account on GOSI Website
List of Facility Employees
Inquire About Injury (Occupational Injury)
Subscription Periods
Registering Patient Escort
Entering Initial Medical Report
Entering Relapse for Previous Injury
Displaying Deductions and Adding Objections
Closing the Infection File
Qualifying Claims Management Companies
Amendment of a Health Insurance Policy
Health Insurance Policy
Health Insurance policy for a Visitor
Health Insurance Price List
Healthcare Services Provider Accreditation Issuance