Licensing and Permits :: Applications

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Title Description
Apply for a permit to medical and pharmaceutical workers who have studied abroad and received higher and secondary education, specialized after diploma to start work
Apply for a sanitary certificate for navigation (for vessels navigating inland waters)
Apply for a sanitary passport to hotels and hotel-type facilities
Apply for a sanitary passport to permit to transport of food products
Apply for a sanitary-epidemiological conclusion to construction and reconstruction projects
Apply for a state registration certificate on medications and drugs
Apply for an exemption certificate from sanitary control to vessels (for vessels navigating in inland waters)
Apply for conducting certification of medical staff
Apply for training of medical experts who are unemployed more than five years
Apply to increase specialization of medical staff
Giving opinion on compatibility of plot of land for construction with sanitary norms and rules, hygiene standards
Issuance of a permission letter to names “medical”, “diet” on food products and equivalent names as well as placement of other advertising information on label
Issuance of sanitary-epidemiological conclusion for work with sources of ionizing radiation
Apply for a certificate on the right to sail under the state flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan