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Title Description
Delivering of a sanitary-epidemiological conclusion for operation of X-ray cabinet
Giving of a sanitary-epidemiological conclusion on compliance with sanitary rules of radioactive substances and materials, devices with ionizing radiation sources, equipment and methods and conditions of transportation of radioactive waste
Online tracking of implementation of requests and letters sent to the Ministry of Health by applicants
Providing information from electronic register of medical certificates
Providing information on medical personnel from single register
Providing information on immunoprophylaxis
Providing information on medical birth certificate from electronic register
Providing information on medical institutions
Providing information on medications
Providing information to citizens in obligate groups on their checkups
Providing information to citizens on e-health card
Providing information to heads of enterprises on their workers in obligate group
Providing information to patients provided with medications by state, on their registration and drugs assigned to them
Providing notifications on date of prophylactic vaccines via SMS