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Title Description
Consult about characteristics and properties of ammunition, weapons, gunpowder, explosives and chemicals
Request the individual possession of firearms
Consult how to register your legal possession of weapons, ammunition or other controlled materials.
Obtain the ammunition consumption control card
Certificate of Absence due to Forced Disappearance- Law 24,321
Register commercial operations of ammunition and special-purpose material
Request the possession of weapons as a securities custody service company
Request the ammunition consumption control card
Request the possession of ammunition recharge for non-commercial purposes
Request reempadronamiento
Request to carry firearms for transporters of funds and financial entities.
Removal of request for weapon hijacking
Apply for the Legitimate Individual Firearms User Card (CLUSE)
Definitive introduction of ammunition
Definitive introduction of ammunition components for ammunition recharge
Definitive introduction of bulletproof vest
Temporary introduction of firearms for participants in international sports shooting competitions, sponsored by federations registered with the ANMAC.
Request registration-re-registration as Legitimate Collective User (Company) whose act of service is the custody of money and other securities
Total or partially Armored
Holding of armored vehicles
Weapon possession and ammunition consumption control card User Collective Transporter of Flows and Financial Entities
Application for the Holding of a bulletproof vest
Application for the Carrying of firearms Carriers of Flows and Financial Entities
Application for Armored Vehicles Transporters of Flows and Financial Entities
Request the possession of firearms
Apply for a Legitimate Individual User of Firearms for members of Police, Penitentiary, Armed and Security Forces.
Report the sale of a weapon
Request the duplicate credential of a legitimate firearm user
Request the granting of the weapon number You
Application for registration status on weapon
Request the possession of bulletproof vest Collective User (companies)
Request credential of Legitimate Individual Firearms User (for collective users who guard money and other values)
Process the possession of weapons for special effects