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Title Description
Obtain certificate of shipment for peanut paste
Enroll in the National Program for the Promotion of Official Quality Certificates in Argentine Foods Add Value
Request the Certificate of Refund corresponding to the Argentine Food Stamp or a Designation of Origin or a Geographical Indication
Obtain the certification of propagation material of forest species.
Request certificate of registration / re-registration / withdrawal of sperm-donor breeders for artificial insemination
Obtain the certificate of possession of ammunition refill equipment
Request for Certification Authorization for Transporters of Flows and Financial Entities
Certified photocopies Conveyors of Flows and Financial Entities
Obtain the certificate of economic capacity
Certify aluminum flexible tubes
Certify solar collectors and solar systems
Obtain the certificate of nautical sports driver
Obtaining the National Certificate of Safety of Navigation (CNSN)
Certification for the prevention of contamination by hydrocarbons or polluting garbage.
Request for technical inspections in the specialty
Request certificate of transfer of car, motorcycle or machinery
Application for Domain Certificate or domain report of an aircraft
Application for registration certificate by transfer of ownership of aircraft by purchase-sale
Revoke or cancel the certificate for authorized to conduct
Request a copy of the certificate for authorized to drive
Approval of containers for the transport by ships of dangerous goods
Approval of rescue devices and means
Request a certificate of
Consult if you have traffic infractions
Obtaining the nautical sports certificate
Request of photocopy legalized by RENAPER of birth certificate of foreigners Language Undefined Request a photocopy of the birth certificate of
Request certificate of professional ethics
Request certificate of presentation of balance sheets
Request the certificate of compliance of technical relations Request the certification of the compliance of technical
Certificate of Validity of Registration
Certificate of free sanction of establishments
Registration certificate
Professional performance certificate
Certificate of free sanction of a pharmaceutical professional
Request certificate of free optical regency
Certify the origin of products with an affidavit of non-preferential
Duplicate Certificate
Certificate of Validity and Plenary Compliance CEVIP
Certify the safety of lighters
Certify the safety of toys
Certify personal protection elements for workers
Certify the safety of electrical products
Upload the quarterly information of the Certificates of Origin
Certify wood offset boards If you commercialize wood
Certify aluminum bars and profiles If you sell aluminum
Certify aluminum radiators
Certifying cameras and bicycle covers
Make inquiries as a certifying entity before the Directorate of Origin of Goods
Automatic renewal of the Annual Environmental Certificate
Obtain the Annual Environmental Certificate for the first time
Certificates of Operators - Renewal and / or Rehabilitation of the Certificate
Operator Certificates - Authorization Application Telecommunications Operator Courses
Certify the safety of elevators
Process CETA certificate before AFIP
Obtain the certificate of residence abroad
Certificate of Inscription of Insuring Entities
Operator Certificates- Duplicate Application for Telecommunications Operator Credential
Process the verification certificate for non-national purchases in state bids
Certify the quality of steel products and materials
Certify the safety of inks and paper
Obtain the Certificate of Inscription of Insurance Entities
Request certification for services for former insurance company workers in compulsory liquidation
Obtain a certificate of approval for paper, cardboard and card packaging in direct contact with food.
Obtain certification of hygienic-sanitary conditions of packers. Obtain
Register certified identity certifiers for granary specialties Obtain
Register foundations in the register of local health entities
Obtain the certificate of authorization for auction or fair exempted from beach washing and disinfection
Obtain the certification of auctioning capacity or fair with washing and disinfection beach. Obtain the certificate of
Obtain the certificate for the certification of beaches for washing and disinfection of cage trucks.
Obtain the approval certificate for food, including organic products. Obtain the approval
Obtain certificate of products of species susceptible to foot-and-mouth disease.
Enroll organic product certifiers
Obtain the certificate of inspection of wineries
Enroll signatures of fertilizer companies
Pharmacy free regency certificate
Specialist certificate with examination This
Certificate of personal annotations: inhibitions and assignments of shares and hereditary rights
Certify donations of imported used goods