Customs and Trade :: Import/Export

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Title Description
Export goods temporarily
Export hides, skins and wool
Import air conditioning equipment for domestic and non-domestic use
Import ferrets
Register in the Register for ManĂ­ Exporting Companies to the United States of America
Register in the Register for Tobacco Exporting Companies to the United States of America
Import fruits and vegetables
Import / export food for animals
Register importers / exporters in the Senasa
Import / export of live animals *
Import / Export animal reproductive material
Import / Export hunting trophies
Buy abroad with door-to-door delivery
External Presentation of a Rectification of the Export Declaration
Make the registration in the Registry of Imports of the Publishing Sector (RISE)
Register in the Registry of Importers and Exporters of the DGA
Establish a special customs address
Make registration in the Customs Special Register
Tribute for import and export operations between independents
Export of products, by-products and derivatives of animal origin.
Access to the Regime of Temporary Importation of Capital Goods
Get discounts on the importation of goods that are part of large investment projects
Access to the temporary import regime (CTIT)
Import used machines with lower tariffs
Import used goods for the hydrocarbon industry
Check the origin of imported products Check
Import inputs for the naval industry without paying the tariff
Obtain a certificate to import collection vehicles
Obtain import certificate for used special vehicles
Application for authorization for the free movement of food products
Advice on import, export and transit of plant products
Re-register in the Registry of Exporters and Importers of SENASA
Obtain phytosanitary authorization for international transit
Special treatments for vegetable products for export
Enter the country food for personal use