Government Claims

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Title Description
Initiate a claim through the Internet before Consumer Defense
Claim for non-compliance with a request for access to public information
Request an evaluation of disability by the Uninsured Employer
Claim the lack of response to the worker
Claim for delay in request for change of power, voltage, power
Claim compensation for damage to electrical appliances
Claim by billing error
Claim for interruptions and / or deficiencies in the electric service
Claim invoicing according to the category Electrodependiente
Claim alternative energy source Claim alternative energy
Claim reimbursement for processing chamber expenses
Claim that they called you even if you are registered in the National Do Not Call Registry
Claim for deliberate suspension of power supply
Claim for lack of power supply
Claim the repair of broken sidewalks by electrical work
Claims and Suggestions before the ANMAT
Claim for poor attention of the gas provider
Claim for breach of the social work or prepaid
Claims due to delay in meeting request for closure of gas supply
Claim for incorrect user data in the gas bill
Claim for a nonexistent debt in the gas bill
Claim by mistake in the billing period of the gas service
Claim for scarce supply or gas cut
Claim for invoice for gas service not received
Claim for invoice from the gas service received with delay
Claim for erroneous billing in the gas service
Claim for authorization or delayed rehabilitation of the gas supply
Claim for loss of gas (smell of gas)
Claim for delays or improprieties in the repair of the public road by the gas supplier If the gas
Claim for incorrect charge charge on the gas bill
Claim for improper gas service cut
Claim for payment of damages caused in real estate due to passage of gas pipelines
Claim for payment of easement of passage of gas pipeline
Claim for administrative breaches in fixed telephony
Claim for billing errors in the Internet service
Claim for technical problems in the cellular service
Claim for contractual issues of the Internet connection service
Claims for billing errors in fixed telephony
Claim for administrative breach of the cellular provider
Claim for errors in the cellular invoice
Claim for technical problems in the fixed telephone service
Claim before the National System of Consumer Arbitration (SNAC)
Claim a salary readjustment in ANSES