Licensing and Permits :: Applications

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Title Description
Request registration as Legitimate Firearms and / or Ammunition
Obtaining the Credential for Retired Teachers (National Library of Teachers)
Request the safety certificate for my sports boat Request
Authorize a third party to drive my own sports boat
Obtain a special sports license
Obtain the license to export works of art
Obtaining the yacht helmsman
Obtaining the nautical sports certificate as a yacht skipper Obtained the yacht skipper
Obtaining the nautical sports certificate for cabin boy
Request a special sports license
Obtain the National Licensing License for automotive transport
Obtain the certificate of legality of the driver's license
Modify, incorporate or cancel license data
Obtain the National Enabling License for rail transport
National Authorizing License for professional transport driver
National Driving License Digital
Obtain a license to market new vehicles I
Remove the National Driver's License
Telecommunications License - Application for authorization to change control actions of the company
Telecommunications License - Application for a Single Telecommunications License The Single License for Telecommunications
Telecommunications License - Request authorization view of the company / license holder
Telecommunications License - Authorization Request - Transfer or Transfer of License
Amateur Radio- Licensing
Request a license for low frequency broadcasters for sectors of high social vulnerability
Authorize products (panels, floors, knives, gloves) and disinfectants for the food industry