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Title Description
Compensation for former detainees- Law 24,043 Grant acapital
Compensation for Children - Law 25,914
Compensation for enforced disappearance or deaths due to the act of State terrorism-Law 24.411
Extension of the benefits of Law No. 24,043 and No. 24,411- Law 26,564 Granting a capital
Apply for death proceedings
Approve the death of the worker Once the worker has
Register in the Unique Registry of Soloists and National Music Groups
Register in the Musical Activity Registry
Request a service recognition- PFA Withdrawal Box
Apply for the right to passivity - PFA Retirement Fund
Request Accrued Assets - PFA Withdrawal Fund
Present a certificate of survival- PFA Withdrawal Box
Request a power of attorney - PFA Withdrawal Box
Give faith of life (survival) of retirees and pensioners in the country I have
Assistance for the change of Obra Social for Retirees and Pensioners
Consult the list of beneficiaries of the national agents of the Health System
Consult the list of options for beneficiaries in relation to dependence
Enroll in the Register of Electrodependent Health Issues
Appointment of agent for collection of Retirements or Military Pensions
Notice by death of Retired or Pensioner Military Personnel
Retirement due to the death of Retired Military Personnel. Deregister
Change of Proxy for Collection of Retirements or Military Pensions
Charge of Assignment for School Aid for Retired Military Personnel and Pensioners
Charge of Assignment for Marriage for Retired Military Personnel and Pensioners
Charge of Allocation per child for Retired Military Personnel and Pensioners
Collection of Prenatal Assignment for Retired Military Personnel and Pensioners
Collection of assets of retired Military Personnel or their Pensioners Collecting
Collection of Accrued Assets of Retired Military Personnel
Collection of Accrued Assets of Pensioners of Retired Military Personnel
Collection of Collective Life Insurance for Military Personnel in Activity, Retirees and Pensioners.
Application for credential accrediting status of Retired or Military Pensioner
Payment of Quotas and Early Cancellations of the Loan - IAF
Application to change the payment area of ​​having a Military Retirement or Pension Credit
Request the certificate of contributions as military personnel
Application for certificate of effectiveness for Retired Military Personnel pensioner
Application for certificate of effectiveness for retiree
Application for pension certificate for pensioners for retired military personnel.
Application for a certificate of retirement for Retired Military Personnel
Application for certificate of non-receipt of IAF assets
Request for modification of personal data of Retired Military or its Pensioners
Pension request for death of Retired Military Personnel
Rehabilitation request for the withdrawal or military pension
Request for suspension of assets for Retired Military Personnel
Payment of Quotas and Early Mortgage Credit Cancellations - IAF
Advise me about medical coverage of unemployment benefits
Give faith of life of retirees and Argentine pensioners abroad
Request a retirement benefit - PFA Retirement Fund
Apply for a pension benefit - PFA Withdrawal Box
Processing ANSES credit for non-contributory pension beneficiaries
Request a withdrawal benefit- PFA Withdrawal Box
How to obtain the funeral allowance for beneficiaries of non-contributory pensions for work-related disability and transplants
Obtain an ANSES credit for universal pension for the elderly
Request a non-contributory pension for disability
Process subsidies for projects Hands-on
Check the payment schedule of ANSES
Processing an ANSES credit for AUH beneficiaries
Obtain the subsidy from the Hogar Program
Request the family allowance for annual school assistance
Consult when and where I collect in ANSES
Designate a proxy for retirees and pensioners
Request an ANSES credit for retirees and pensioners
Process retirement as a worker in a dependency relationship
Obtain retirement for special activities
Request retirement for workers with blindness
Obtain disability retirement
Obtain retirement for advanced age
Process retirement by advanced age of rural workers
Request the benefit for advanced age due to disability
Adhere to pension moratoria
Apply for a death pension for a worker
Process pension for the death of a retiree If a retiree
Processing the universal pension for senior
Process the non-contributory pension for old age
Obtain the honorary pension of war veterans
Request the ex gratia pension for former political prisoners
Include a new member in a pension already granted
Request the collection of assets of a deceased pensioner or pensioner
Report absence and re-entry of the country of retired or pensioned
Activate assets suspended from retirees and pensioners
Processing benefits by international agreement
Check retirement and pensioner retirement and pension code
Check the status of a retirement record
Claiming unpaid debts of retirees and pensioners
Consult or claim about discounts of mutual and other entities
Process the unemployment benefit
Obtaining unemployment benefit for construction workers If you are a construction
Maintaining social work during unemployment
Change of Obra Social for entrepreneurs and management staff
Economic reparation for sons and daughters of victims of gender violence (Law N ° 27.452)
Processing retirement for disabled workers
Processing the pension for winners of Olympic or Paralympic titles
Process the subsidy of public services
Request the change of Social Work for retired or pensioned