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Title Description
Enabling / renewing artificial insemination centers, embryo transfer centers, seminal material banks and embryo banks If you have an Artificial Insemination Center, Embryo
Resolve the disagreement with the medical discharge granted
Resolve dissatisfaction with medical treatment
Request to reenter the treatment
Absence of citations from Medical Commissions
Hearings of the Medical Commission
Enable a dental office
Enabling a medical office This
Enable a vaccination site
Enable an orthopedic room
Request the withdrawal of a health facility
Advice for the registration to Obra Social or entities of prepaid medicine for voluntary beneficiaries
Enable a pharmaceutical establishment
Send medicines for family use abroad
Enabling a nursing-podology-kinesiology-phonoaudiology-and others cabinet
Enable an institute
Change the medical address of a healthcare establishment
Enable a medical center
Enable a mental health center
Request a vacation for a pharmaceutical establishment, drugstore, herbalist or biomedical
Enable Rx equipment
Consult the list of Social Works of the Superintendence of Health Services
Consultation of providers enrolled in the Registry of the Superintendence of Health Services
Application for online shift to the Single Registry of Health Professionals
Present projects to the program of technical aids for people with disabilities It
Enable embryo transfer centers or semen banks
Obtain antigens and reagents for the diagnosis of viral animal diseases
Request analysis of bacterial vaccines I obtained
Request analysis of combined vaccines I obtained
Request analysis of viral vaccines I obtained
Request patterns and certified samples for analysis of drug residues and contaminants
Update data for the annual census of carrier pigeons and vaccinate against Newcastle disease
Find the SEDRONAR in my neighborhood
Register an institution providing healthcare services in SEDRONAR
Request registrations and re-enrollments
Enable a medical home care / hospitalization service How to carry out the process of habilitation of the home care orhospitalization
Enroll in the National Registry of Patients in Cannabis Treatment (RECANN)
Enter compassionate medical products into the country
Obtain the Credential for transplant patients and on the waiting list - Law 26,928.
Ask for advice for hospitalization Request
Ask for an interview for a Residency in Mental Health
Enabling clinics
Enabling a sanatorium
Enable a motherhood
Obtain the personal access key to SINTRA for transplant patients and waiting list
Enabling a care residence (res 1876/16)
Enable the psychiatry and mental health service in a general hospital, clinic or sanatorium
Request certificate of registration This
Request orientation interview
Obtain the certificate of yellow fever vaccination exemption
Request a duplicate yellow fever vaccination certificate
Vaccinate against yellow fever The yellow fever
Manifest the willingness to donate organs and tissues
Sign up as a voluntary bone marrow
Request Calibration of Dosimeters for Radiotherapy
To enter the country medicines for personal use
Request Calibrated Irradiation of Personal Dosimeters Calibrated
Request Calibration of Radiation Detectors for Radiological Protection
Access to the Federal Program Include Health
Receive attention to the problematic use of alcohol and drugs
Request an assignment for transplant patients or on the waiting list