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Title Description
Register the transfer of rights of a periodical publication
Register a software made public
Register a web page
Processing the use of works in the public domain
Request an ISMN for printed music
Register a multimedia work
Register a work of TV, radio or theater, already represented
Register a film video or film
Deposit in custody of unpublished non-musical work
Register artistic works already exhibited
Register the edition of a book or electronic book
Register an editorial
Register a periodical publication
Enroll an author's pseudonym
Monthly declare the edited works
Deposit in custody of unpublished work music or letter
Deposit in custody of unpublished work music and lyrics
Consultation of procedures initiated in the National Administration of Patents and Utility Models of the INPI
Consultations on topics related to the National Trademark Office at the INPI
Serv. of Technological Information in the field of patents, utility models and industrial designs
Registering musical editing and interpretation contracts
Register an Internet domain
Renew an Internet domain
Register a music album
Enroll a contract on software, multimedia work, web page, or videogame
Enroll a contract on musical work (music and / or lyrics)
Register a phonogram
Patent your invention
Renewing the Registration of a Model or Industrial Design
Register of Technology Transfer Agreements
Transfer or assignments of granted patents and / or utility models Transfer or assign the granted
Transfer or Change of item of the Registration of a Model or Industrial Design
Registration of a Model or Industrial Design
Transfer or Change of Trademarks
Register a brand
Consult the status of procedures on documents, certificates and domain reports