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Apply for Jobseeker Payment with MyGovID
Apply for Social Welfare
Apply for State Pension (Contributory)
Carer's Support Grant
Close Your Jobseeker's Claim with MyGovID
Contact Department of Social Protection Using a Secure Online Form
Contact the Department of Social Protection
Department of Social Protection Customer Feedback
Eligibility Check and Payment of Treatment Benefits
Find a Personal Public Service Number Registration Centre
Intreo Employment and Income Supports
Make a Holiday Request (for Jobseekers)
Make a Public Service Card (PSC)/Personal Public Service Number (PPSN) Application Appointment
Online Certification for Jobseekers
Pay Cork Social Housing Rent
Redundancy Calculator
Rental Accomodation Scheme
Report Suspected Social Welfare Fraud
Request Hard-Copy Form or Publication from the Department of Social Protection
Request Payment Method Change
Request a Payment Statement from the Department of Social Protection
Request a copy of your Social Insurance Contributions Record with MyGovID
Submit Change of Address
Submit Insolvency Claim Form
Submit Your Work and Skills Information
Unemployment Benefits
Apply for an Employment Permit
Apply for eVetting
Central Depository Employment Scheme for Non-EEA Crewmen
Make a Labour Court Appeal
Take an Online Health and Safety Course
Workplace Relations