Government Services :: Benefits

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Title Description
Change or include new bank account to receive INSS benefit
Retirement by age (disabled person)
Retirement by age (urban worker)
Retire because of invalidity.
Retire for contribution time being person with disability
Retire for having reached the required contribution time.
Present Resource in decision of Benefit by Disability
Update registration with the INSS
Updating of cadastral data
Terms of Use
Register or Renew Power of Attorney
Contest decision to reject social security benefit
Answer decision regarding Seguro Seguro
Unlock Benefit for Loan
Giving Up on Retirement
Issue Benefit Payment Statement
Include salary-family quota
Subscribe to Social Security
Mark or re-mark INSS medical expertise
Change beneficiary relationship agency with INSS
Change benefits status
Obtain Benefit for the Elderly
Obtain Benefit for a Disabled Person
Obtain Benefit Assistance to a Person with Disabilities caused by Microcephaly
Obtaining Benefits from the Bolsa Família Program (PBF)
Obtain Benefit Grant Letter
Obtain PIS or PASEP Grant Letter and Calculation Memory
Obtain Certificate of Non-Existence of Dependents Enabled to Pension by Death
Obtain Certificate for Contribution Time (CTC)
Obtain a copy of the INSS
Obtain Individual Taxpayer Status Statement (DRSCI)
Obtain Documents or Processes withheld by the INSS
Obtain INSS Income Tax Statement
Get Consignment History
Get Process View or Load
Obtain age retirement for rural worker
Obtain declaration of non-receipt of INSS benefits
Obtain social security statement (CNIS)
Obtain death pension for dependents of workers who did not receive previous benefit of INSS.
Obtain death pension for dependents of workers who received previous benefit of INSS
Get benefit review
Pay tax, pension and labor obligations of domestic servants
Perform Life Proof (Exceptional Situations)
Reactivate Suspension Benefit for Inclusion in the Labor Market
Receiving Peculio
Receiving Pension for Rural Death
Receiving Pension for Urban Death
Get Paid Rural Maternity
Receiving Fisherman's Unemployment Insurance
Receiving the Solition Aid
Waiver of Pension Allowance for Death or Relief
Require prepayment
Draw quotas of PIS or PASEP (PIS)
Apply for Unreceived Benefit Payment
Consult social security information RPPS consolidations
Contract Margin Consignable
Issue Social Security Guide through the System of Legal Arrangements
Obtain approval of monthly report of Social Energy Tariff