Business Registrations

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Title Description
Change the beneficiary of the ownership of the drawback concession act
Register Mining Dam
Register companies that use Asbestos
Register companies that use Benzene
Register entities and courses in the National Registry of Professional Learning
Register accessible establishments / services
Become a Tourist Service Provider
Register for producers and traders of rough diamonds
To register own regime of social security
Register as Tourism Guide
Register as user company or electronic dot record manufacturer company - REP
Register as supplier of Public Administration
Register in the Special Register of Companies that carry out operations with Immune Role
Register with the Special Registry of Producers of Alcoholic Beverages
Register on the site Accessible Tourism
Register or change registration for practice of mineral trade
Cancel registration of occupation of Union property
Consult CNPJ by Business Name or Fantasy Name
Contract API CNPJ Consultation
Contract API NFe Query
To declare amounts collected to FGTS and other information necessary for social security
Issue Certificate of debits and Consultation of tax assessment notices