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Support Works Edition in several Thematic Areas and Cultural Magazines
User registration in the System Interactive Education Human Resource Management (SIGRHE) - Previous enrollment
School Calendar - consultation
Textbooks - price query
Access to higher education - course choice wizard
Scientific articles on economic topics - consultation
Assignment of password for online application to Higher Education
Databases of Science and Technology (S & T) and Higher Education
Consultation of offer of courses of Higher Education
On-time statistics - query
GEE papers - consultation
Statistical Indicators of Science and Technology (S & T) and Innovation
Statistical Indicators of Higher Education
LNEG geoscientific publications - purchase
Learning Statistics (ALEA) - training
LNEC Editions Catalog - query
National Qualification Catalog - consultation
IGEC Documentation and Information Center - inter-library cooperation agreement
LNEC Homologation Documents - consultation
IGEC Edition - acquisition
Establishment of teaching or service of the Ministry of Education and Science - exhibition / complaint
IGEC - information / clarification
IGEC Newsletter - Subscription
Script of the Schools - consultation
Editorial distribution service of the Ministry of Education and Science - budget